Mint Creek Farm: Grassfed Meats Raised on Certified Organic Prairie Pastures
 Mint Creek sheep on pasture

Our Illinois grass-fed meats...

Mint Creek Farm raises premium, grass-fed meats for the Chicago area. We are a family farm, grazing our livestock on Certified Organic central Illinois pasture. We produce grassfed lamb, grassfed beef, pastured pork, and pasture raised goat. In addition to our pastured livestock, we raise pastured poultry, including pastured free-range chicken and pastured free-range duck, and pastured free-range turkey. You can buy our grass-fed meats online via this site. Mint Creek Farm sells at a variety of farmer's markets in Chicagoland. We can also ship our meats via UPS to Midwest locations. We offer a meat CSA, so you can purchase more meat at a discount! CSAs may be picked up at our Chicago farmer's markets.


“Enabling nature's life-giving organisms to transcendently co-develop in a grand spiral ascent.”

— Harry carr


Farmer Poet; Harry Carr

 Mint Creek grassfed beef cattle

Our Beginnings...

The Carrs studied Biodynamic agriculture at the Michael Fields Institute and learned that planting perennial grasses and legumes is the first step in revitalizing farmed-out land. They also saw demonstrations of how to rotationally graze livestock, and learned how frequent movement of grazing animals is good for animal, forage, and soil health. Harry learned to plant mixes of legumes and grasses suited to the different conditions of the farm through trial and error and by talking to area farmers. He also does his best to use the farm as a safe haven for native species of plants and birds to live and nest. Soil tests show great improvements in soil fertility and texture since the land was purchased. It makes the Carrs happy to be a part of a beautiful natural ecosystem: thick swards of grasses keeping the topsoil from eroding and cleaning the air while the livestock live on it symbiotically, bolstering soil fertility. It makes them all the more proud that this ecosystem offers their family, friends, locals, and chefs some of the most delicious, healthiest grass-fed meat in the country.