Mint Creek’s herd of Black and Red Angus cattle is small—less than 60 cattle graze our 220 acres of organic perennial pasture, where they are raised from birth.  Our cattle are 100% grass-fed and finished, and get vitamins and minerals from an organically approved sea kelp and mineral salt mix.

No grain, no growth hormones, and no antibiotics are involved whatsoever.  Our cows are free to range to their hearts’ content in expansive pastures (each field is multiple acres) and they are offered shelter in our barn during the winter.



ONE QUARTER of a Mint Creek 100% Grass-Fed Cow will yield approximately 60 or more pounds of meat. You can custom request whatever cutting instructions you want (such as more or less ground meat, ground made into beef brats, steaks left whole as roasts, or roasts made into made into steaks, etc.). What follows is the standard cut list as a starting point to be used as is or edited to your preferences.

20 lbs. ground beef (1 lb packages)
2 lbs. beef stew (1 lb packages)
1 pkg. beef short ribs,
2 pkg. beef osso buco shank
1 pkg. beef chuck roast,
1 pkg. beef brisket,
2 pkg. beef top round steak,
1 pkg. eye of round roast,
1 pkg. tri-tip roast,
2 pkg. beef sirloin steak,
2 lbs. beef kabob (1 lb packages)
4 pkg. beef ribeye, 4 NY Strip (or 4 t-bones),
2 pkg. filet mignon,
1 pkg. beef flank steak,
1 pkg. beef skirt steak,
1 pkg. beef flat-iron steak,

Optional bones, fat, & organs: 4 bags beef soup bones, 1 pkg. suet fat, and 1 pkg. of beef liver.

60lbs x $13.30 average per pound = $798 plus Butcher's Fee: $200
Total: $998


HALF of a Mint Creek 100% Grassfed Cow will yield approximately 120 pounds of meat. Since you’re buying a larger amount of meat, we lower the price per pound.

40 ground beef,
4 beef stew,
2 beef short ribs,
4 beef osso buco shank,
2 beef chuck roast,
2 beef brisket,  
4 beef top round steak (or 2 top round roast),
2 eye of round,  
2 tri-tip,
4 beef sirloin steak,
4 beef kabob (or 4 more sirloin steaks or 2 sirloin roast),  
8  beef ribeye,
8 NY Strip (or 8 T-bones),
4 beef filet mignon,

2 beef flank steak,
2 beef skirt steak,
2 beef flat-iron steak,

Optional bones, fat, & organs: 8 bags beef soup bones, 2 packs suet fat, and 2 packs of beef liver.

120lbs  x $12.80 average per pound = $1537 plus Butcher's Fee: $400
Total: $1937



A WHOLE Mint Creek Beef will yield approximately 240 pounds of meat. 

80 ground beef,
8 beef stew,
4 beef short ribs,
8 beef osso buco shank,
4 beef chuck roast,
4 beef brisket,  
8 beef top round steak (or 4 top round roast),
4 eye of round,  
4 tri-tip,
8 beef sirloin steak,
8 beef kabob (or 8 more sirloin steaks or 4 sirloin roast),  
16  beef ribeye,
16 NY Strip (or 16 t-bones),
8 beef filet mignon,

4 beef flank steak,
4 beef skirt steak,
4 beef flat-iron steak,

Optional bones, fat, & organs: 16 bags beef soup bones, 4 packs suet fat, and 4 packs of beef liver.

240lbs meat cuts x $12.29 average per pound = $2950 plus Butcher's Fee: $800
Total: $3750

WANT TO CUT UP THE MEAT YOURSELF? Get a whole, slaughtered, skinned, gutted, quartered, fourteen day dry aged beef cow delivered to you and try your hand at home meat cutting if you’re a brave enough soul!

  • Whole Beef -- approx 550lbs (cut into quarters) x $5.95 average per pound = $3273

  • Butcher's Fee (For slaughter only): $50

  • Total: $3323