Cooking Pastured Poultry: Discussion & Tips From Your Farmer

“Thigh or breast sections of poultry can be prepared somewhat similarly to each other in all species (chicken, duck, turkey). Both breast and thigh are lean and tender--there are lots of options including frying, grilling, baking/roasting, smoking, confiting, or braising! What I mean is that breast and thigh of poultry work with pretty much any cooking technique, so follow your inclinations and enjoy!  There are two exceptions: braising ducks and stewing hens. If you are working with a braising duck (“mature” duck), it may be too tough for anything but braising, confiting, or smoking.  If you are working with a stewing hen, it is definitely too tough for anything but braising. Furthermore, stewing hens must be slow cooked in liquid for 6-8 hours or longer and are ideal for broths, soups, and stews only.”

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