Mint Creek Farm: Grassfed Meats Raised on Certified Organic Prairie Pastures

About Our Meat CSA

Learn more about membership in Mint Creek Farm's CSA


Weekly CSA

Our weekly CSA can be picked up from the farmers' market or delivered to your door for an added fee. The CSA starts at $14/week and can be customized to include milk and eggs. View options here.

Monthly CSA

Our monthly CSA can be picked up from the farmers' market or delivered to your door for an added fee. The CSA starts at $66/month and can be customized to include milk and eggs. View options here.

6 Reasons to join our CSA

  1. Begin a culinary exploration. Our CSA’s come with a diverse meat cut selection and helpful recipe ideas. Grass-fed, organic meats flaunt the most sought after, subtle & herbal flavor you can find in meat, and you’ll be able to cook a world class meal right at home. It’s a great opportunity to try new meals with friends and family while honing your culinary prowess!

  2. Retain options in your CSA, while buying in bulk for high value. We have a variety of CSA options tailored to fit your budget and lifestyle. From our all-inclusive 10 lb Traditional monthly CSA to our small, new, weekly Poultry and Eggs CSA and much in between, there’s something for everyone! Whereas buying a whole animal only offers one type of meat in abundance, a Mint Creek CSA you’ll get a variety of protein options to plan meals throughout your week.

  3. Insist on individualized, humane treatment of livestock & poultry. By choosing a Mint Creek CSA, you are voting with your fork for humane and responsible treatment of farm animals. All are pastured raised and fed a balanced, 100% Certified-Organic, soy-free, non-GMO diet. All supplemental feeds are mixed in small batches onsite. Each flock rotates large, fertile pasture swaths regularly to ensure optimum space and nutrition.

  4. Become a part of your local farming community. With a Mint Creek CSA, not only are you directly supporting a small, local, family-run business, but you are directly supporting sustainable agriculture in the Chicago area. CSA members are the core of the farm’s customer base and receive special discounts on farm tours & dinners, as well as holiday meats.

  5. Reach new levels of health and vitality. Grass-fed meats translate into complete nutrition for you and your family as a rich source of B vitamins, iron, Vitamin E and A and those hard to get Omega 3-6 fatty acids. Within the first month of your CSA, you’ll also notice a dramatic improvement in your health and food cravings. Because our products offer many of the nutrients necessary to your health that are harder to get with the modern diet, and you’ll need to spend less money on dietary supplements.

  6. Environmental Conscience. Certified-Organic perennial pastures are the life force for our animals and environment. The perennial plants’ roots and regular decomposition aerate the soil and protect our Midwest topsoil from erosion.  The process of grass-fed animals regularly eating up the perennial pastures plants also results in optimal plant growth & sequestration of carbon into our soil from the air,  working against pollution, and improving air quality.  This combats climate change on a local level.

 Egg laying hens on pasture

More About Our CSA

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. As a CSA member you receive a sizable discount by committing to a monthly share of a diverse selection of our organic-pasture raised meats. Your commitment also provides special support to the farm, helping us continue to farm Illinois prairie pastures on a small scale while providing attentive care as well as exclusively Certified-Organic, soy-free, non-GMO food for all the farm animals.

Mint Creek Farm offers many different customizable, monthly & weekly meat CSA options that include selections of lamb, beef, pork, goat, and poultry as well as an optional organic-pastured, soy-free fed egg addition. We collaborate with Kilgus Farmstead for dairy year round and Three Plaid Farmers for an heirloom produce CSA from June-October.

All our shares are available year-round, although the meat cuts vary month to month and season to season. While what meat CSA members receive varies seasonally, it will always include a mixture of more humble braising or ground meat cuts and premium meat cuts such as chops, loins, and steaks, all from animals raised on our farm. The selections of meat also include occasional offerings of rustic sausages and organically smoked & cured bacon, all free of nitrates and featuring Certified-Organic spices, sugars, and vegetable ingredients. 

 Grassfed sheep on pasture