What our customers, friends, & colleagues say about Mint Creek

About our CSA:

"Wanted to say that the meat is fabulous. I never made goat anything before and I must admit I was a bit intimidated by the cuts I got. But I did some online recipe research and found a Kenyan/Indian goat stew with lots of herbs and spices. I made sort of my own version of it and it was amazing. We love to cook but we're even more inspired now :) "
-Veronica, CSA Member

"We've really enjoyed the product thus far." -Russell, CSA Member

"I took out one of the MCF ducks out of the freezer this morning for preparing tomorrow.....We look forward to being CSA members again this summer." -Rey, CSA Member

"I have served as the Director of Glenwood Sunday Market, a farmers market located on the far north side of Chicago, Illinois for seven years and have had the pleasure of working with Harry, Gwen, Raya and Jonathan Carr, owners of Mint Creek Farm, for the entire time as Mint Creek has been a vendor with us since the beginning of our market. Over the years, I have found that the Carr Family to be conscientious and visionary farmers. Their products are in strong demand and very well-received by those shoppers who have taken the time to educate themselves about the importance of the ways in which Mint Creek Farm has chosen to farm. These same educated shoppers are likely to be subscribers to Mint Creek Farm’s and other farms CSA programs because they understand the huge impact CSA membership plays in long term sustainability.

However, the average shopper doesn’t know about the impact that CSA membership and visionary farming can play in today’s world. Mint Creek Farm’s initiative to educate and connect to a broad range of people through a comprehensive marketing strategy is of significant importance both to our community and to the CSA farming community in Illinois. It will result in substantially more people understanding that they can directly influence biodiversity, experience a deepened sense of social responsibility, steward local agricultural land, keep food dollars in the local community, contribute to the development and maintenance of regional food systems all while providing farmers for a fair return for their labor….and all it takes is a CSA membership!" 
-Sheree Moratto Market Director, Glenwood Sunday Market

About our Turkey

"Raya, I just want you to know that our turkey and gravy was the best we've ever had. Plenty of healthy dark meat, and the organs were absolutely beautiful. I simply sautéed the liver and halved heart in butter with salt when it came out of the bird when I seasoned it a few days ago. My kids clamored for more of their (mostly raw) portions. It really was the most beautiful liver I've handled in a while. Very well done to you and your family. Thank you for the work you do; we are so grateful to have access to your farm. Cheers!"  -Janine

"We used this year’s NYTimes Rosemary and Citrus turkey recipe on your Aztec Black and don’t know if it was the recipe or the bird, but this is the best turkey we’ve ever had, for both the breast and dark meat.  (I suspect the bird had the major role in this success.)"  -Ellen

"I was planning on getting a hold of you guys to say thank you! I ordered an Aztec Black Heritage breed from you guys and picked it up at the 61st & Dorchester.  
It was the first time I have ever cooked a heritage turkey and so I did a lot of reading/research on how to prepare it as to not mess it up. Normally I am a big fan of brining turkey but most articles said it wasn't necessary so I didn't-the bird tuned out magnificent!
I cooked the bird stuffed at 425 for a half hour and then at 325 for about another hour and a half. I basted it with a butter, bourbon, pepper jelly, Lea & Perrins blend. It was amazing! I don't think I'll ever go back to a commercial turkey again!"  -Mark

About our Eggs


"Harry, purchased the jumbo eggs Sunday at Logan Sq.  Just fried two - WOW!  Eggs were RICH deep yellow yolks, more yolk than eggwhite and that's the way I like it, uh-huh (stained my teeth yellow!).  These eggs were the ones where the shells were all white in color, no browns.  Flavor is outstanding A++.  You delivered in a big-big way.  Surpassed Radical Root's eggs.  You have no competition, Egg Man. Do not change a thing!!!"  Respectfully, David.

About our Stewing Hens

"We made a wonderful broth with one of your stewing chickens, WOW the best broth I have ever had." 

Amazing Testimonial from Green City Farmers' Market

It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation on behalf Mint Creek Farm.

Mint Creek Farm has been a vendor at Green City Market for many years and is a key member of the Green City Market Community. The quality of the product that they bring to market and the care with which they raise the animals is inspiring and something our shoppers greatly appreciate. They have a very loyal following at both our indoor and outdoor markets.

Mint Creek Farm is certified Organic, soy free, GMO-free, bio-diverse, and they raise heritage breeds. They have a business philosophy that moves beyond just making the bottom line and holds them to producing food of the highest health, ecological, and environmental standards possible.

Mint Creek Farm has invested years of time and money to create a farm that would help revive the hurting food system, rebuild the mostly wiped-out prairie ecosystem, and combat global warming locally through perennial pasture farming. Mint Creek Farm is a small, family-run, local business with over 20 years of experience in pasture-based farming and over 10 years of direct interaction with customers in the Chicagoland area.

 Mint Creek Farm is becoming a model of how other sustainable producers can come to market in Chicago and earn a living as a farmer.


Melissa Flynn