Mint Creek Farm: Grassfed Meats Raised on Certified Organic Prairie Pastures
Early morning at the Kempton farm
Mint Creek turkeys in the fall

Mint Creek turkeys in the fall


Farm Help Wanted

Mint Creek Farm is owned & operated by the Carr family who have grown the farm to 220 Certified-Organic acres. We have a wide diversity of livestock including sheep, cattle, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks and turkeys.

We are seeking farm crew members to start immediately. 

  • Paid, full-time position
  • Room and board available
  • Location: 1693 E. 3800N Rd, Stelle, IL 60919

Experience in physical labor, mechanical work, and animal care are ideal for this position. A valid driver's license is also required.  If you'd like to pursue a job with us in sustainable livestock & poultry farming, please reply with your resume or employment history along with your best contact information.

Your responsibilities will include feeding and watering the animals and ensuring their day-to-day health and well being, along with other duties that require attention seasonally.   A big part of Mint Creek Farm’s herd management is rotational grazing and we use electric net fencing to accomplish this. The animals must be taken care of in all weather conditions and situations that may come up so a willingness to get things done no matter the weather is important.

 To apply, fill out the application below. If you have questions but are not quite ready to apply, you may ask them using the form below as well.

Application for Farmhands:

Name *
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Consider responding to some of these questions: Do you have the physical ability to lift 50lbs? How is your physical stamina? Do you have any physical issues that could prevent you from performing physically challenging farm work? Are you accustomed to living in a rural area? Ideally, would you prefer to work on a rural or urban farm? Do you prefer working alone or with others? Do you prefer to set your own goals when possible or would you prefer a manager setting goals for your work day? Are you willing to sometimes work very long hours on a specific day to finish urgent projects on the farm? How do you handle the stress of a lot going on at once? Do you enjoy problem-solving? Do you enjoy juggling multiple tasks? Are you a patient person? Do you enjoy physical labor and/or building things? How do you handle death, blood, and general grossness/stink? Sometimes animals die on the farm, and, of course, sometimes things are gross & smelly. Are you willing to relocate close to farm, preferably within several miles of it to respond to animal emergencies? What is your knowledge or understanding of organic farming? Do you have a valid driver’s license? Can you operate a stick shift? What experience do you have working with livestock? Poultry? Veterinary care? Do you have any experience with electric fencing or fence building? If yes, explain. How many hours are you available to work a week? How do you handle extreme weather heat/cold ? What farm equipment do you have experience operating, if any? What time of day are you at your best? What are your favorite past time activities or hobbies? Would you be interested in room and board at the farm house, or would you arranging your own living situation elsewhere. Do you enjoy cooking or sharing meals? Do you have animal allergies?


Looking for staff members with consistent availability May-October on one or more of these days: Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Having your own vehicle is preferred but not required. 

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES :  Learn about our farming practices enough to be able to explain them to customers, Be able to recommend how to prepare a minimum of 1-2 meat cuts from each farm animal, Keep abreast with our CSA Share program options and events happening at the farm. Experience with POS and using an ipad to make sales, and general customer service/animal raising skills a plus.  Experience working at farmer's markets and/or culinary skills also helpful. Most importantly, must care strongly about animals, ecology, and rethinking our food system. Please fill out the below form and let us know a little about yourself! 


Name *
Please consider responding to some of these questions: Do you have a vehicle and would you be willing to use it to carry products to the farmer's market? We re-imburse you for vehicle usage and can let you know details. Have you worked at a farmers market before? If so for what farms or vendors? Have you had our meat before? Or are you aware of different methods of raising animals for meat? Do you have customer service experience? If so, where? Do you work well independently or prefer to work as a team in customer service environments? Our markets are a mix of types of working environments, and often much of the work is independent, depending on which market you work at!
Please copy and paste your resume or employment history here. If you prefer you can also email a pdf ot