Gearing up for outdoor market season!

Hello Dearest Friends!

As spring comes well underway, things are very busy at the farm.  Head farmer Harry just went a few weeks without a day off and finally got one off this Monday. There has been many births of baby lambs & calves, many of our pigs (including the infamous Miss Scarlet) are pregnant, and the grass is growing fast in the spring flush. The laying chickens & ducks are excited about all the fresh pasture & bugs and the big, furry, guard dogs are grateful for the comfortable temperatures. We constantly have portable fencing to move the animals into fresh paddocks to eat up the perennial pasture plants. 


having fun walking with this sweet little newborn lamb after our Easter brunch event!

There's so much work to do on equipment and summer poultry & livestock housing, fencing, & shade-netting, and we are in the process training & hiring new farmhands and interns for the 2017 summer season (so if you know anyone well suited for this job, please send them our way).

On the sales & inventory fronts we are excited to start summer market season. Our farm has a bigger & better than ever organic-grassfed meat, egg, and (first ever) bone-broth product supply planned for you this season! But guess what? We don't have to wait long, as outdoor market season is almost here, just another week or two and it will be, and we almost are ready for it. 

In the meantime, Don't forget to visit Green City Market inside the Nature Museum today, April 29th, from 8am-1pm as it will be the last indoor market of the the season! We have eggs, lamb, goat, beef, pork, chicken, duck, & turkey available tomorrow in addition to our farm's pasture flower honey & frozen poultry bone broth. 

Outdoor markets' opening days at Green City Market (7am) & Evanston downtown market (7:30am) happen on May 6th, the following weekend. We will do 10 markets per week once the season is in full swing so be sure so be sure to check out our farmers' market tab, and mark your calendars!

See you soon!

Farmer Raya and the folks at Mint Creek Farm