Hi dear friends,

Don't forget that now is your last chance to secure tickets for this weekend's Farm Dinner with Chef Greg Biggers of Cafe des Architectes! It's going to be a beautiful evening with food, music, and of course all our farm animals! 

Farm Dinner Season begins!!!

Farm Dinner Season begins!!!

What to look forward to in this farm event in particular?

June is a beautiful & busy month on Mint Creek Farm. In June, we are not yet well into the intense heat of summer, with the shadows of Spring still lingering in the green & blooming pastures, blue skies, and baby animals growing up to be not so baby anymore running about. What could be a better way to get in touch with local, organic-pasture farming the summer than to visit and have head farmer Harry show you around the groups of livestock and pasture? Adults and kids alike get drawn in by the magic of a herd of sheep or cows softly grazing the fields. 

Chef Greg Biggers' cuisine is not to be missed and neither is Glad Rags' music. Both the food and the music will nuanced, delicious, creative, and fun! We are excited to have Chef Greg Biggers out for his second farm dinner at Mint Creek Farm (he came out last July, as well). We are very grateful to Greg and the restaurant he is chef at,Cafe Des Arctitectes at the Sofitel Hotel. This will now be Glad Rag's third year performing at a Mint Creek Farm dinner, and their band evolves into something more and more delightful and interesting each year! 

Special to June 24th is the optional, early-afternoon, pre farm tour yoga class taught by our very own CSA member Briana Kline, who is a certified yoga and pilates instructor base at her Chicago south loop studio: Roots of Integrity


Bibb Salad
Blue cheese, pomegranate vinaigrette, candied pecans
Heirloom Tomato
Whipped feta, compressed melon, grilled fennel
Turkey Ballantine
Black truffle, garlic jus
Braised Beef Ribs
Sour cream-cilantro crema, togarashi
Roasted Potatoes
Olive oil, dried tomatoes, rosemary
Poached Spring Onions
White wine, baby carrots, chimichurri

Vanilla Pound cake
Rum syrup, cherries, caramel


"Glad Rags"

Glad Rags' Band Camp here. 

Their Band's Genre:
Randy Newman Dance Music, Psychedelic Cabaret Orchestra

Their Band Members:
Glad Matt - Keys, Synth, Vox
Bean - Percussion, Vox  
Maryann - Vox, Mouth Noises
Glad Pat - Banjo, Homemade sounds, Pakhawaj, Tabla, Bass
Matty - Alto saxophone, band member placement
plus an ever-changing assembly of cello / horns / more saxes / violin / noises

We hope to see you on the farm!  Don't forget to check out our full schedule of farm dinners, .