Mint Creek Farm: Grassfed Meats Raised on Certified Organic Prairie Pastures

our history

Mint Creek Farm is owned & operated by the Carr family and many dedicated friends. Harry & Gwen Carr started the farm in 1992, beginning with 50 acres of land in Stelle, IL. Since then, the farm has grown to 220 certified-organic acres. Today, these pastures are home to many happy sheep, cows, pigs, goats, turkeys, chickens, and ducks.

our farming methods

Our farm believes in a symbiotic relationship between human, animal, and land. Our animals graze together sharing freedom in outdoor space while sharing the nutrients growing on our 220 acres of organic pasture. When munching on grass, our animals eat alfalfa, sprouts, and VVV.  These organic greens are grown in soil that has been thoughtfully maintained; in fact over our 20+ years of stewarding the soil with legumes and grasses it has become more nutrient-rich every year. When our animals do eat something other than grass, we use 100% non-soy, non-gmo, non-hormone, non-antibiotic feeds.  Kelp here. Want to know more? Join us for a farm tour.

better health,

better environment,

better future

Conventional agriculture is ruining our environment, our landscape, and our personal health. Most conventional, industrial livestock farms use disturbing and shameful ways of raising animals. Our farm offers a sustainable and conscientious alternative.

We have a deep respect, love, and regard for our animals. Eating our meats is a sustainable way to receive animal-based nutrients and support ethical meat-eating.  We hope that our customers will lead the way in helping society re-examine its relationship to the animal world. We believe that when more meat-eaters choose sustainable alternatives and educate others, all of us become better, more conscientious stewards of our planet.

It gives our family great pleasure to offer our high quality meats to you and your family. As a small farm, we hope to continue to grow, and your support is vital. Every purchase, every CSA membership, every visitor directly supports our work. 

With Love,

the Mint Creek Farm family.


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Farmer Harry with turkeys in tall grass
The curly tail of a happy Mint Creek pig!