Mint Creek Farm is owned & operated by the Carr family and a few dedicated friends. The Harry & Gwen Carr started with 50 acres in Stelle, IL in 1992 and have grown the farm to 220 Certified-Organic acres. Their pastures are home to sheep, cows, pigs, goats, turkeys, chickens, and ducks. All these farm animals grazing together symbiotically on perennial pastures bring back biodiversity and fertility to the land. With this holistic, pasture-based farming method at their core along with organic methods, Mint Creek provides life-giving, grass-fed meat and eggs to a region where they are hard to come by. The meat and eggs are available to order online for shipping, or via pickup at your local farmers’ market or co-op in the Chicago area. 


Local Environmental Impact:

Mint Creek Farm strives for the symbiotic relationship of animal and land. Who would have guessed that a combination so simple as sheep on grass could help with global climate change? Grasses and legumes naturally process and fix carbon in the soil. Rotationally grazing perennial pasture is actually one of the best carbon-dioxide-absorbing natural systems there is— even better than planting trees, because the forage plants are kept in their vegetative state by the regular grazing of livestock. Mint Creek Farm is also a safe haven for native species of plants and birds to live and nest. Soil tests show great improvements in soil fertility and texture since the land was purchased; enriching the natural prairie ecosystems that have been so depleted by modern mainstream agricultural practices.

It makes the Carrs happy to be a part of a beautiful natural ecosystem: thick swards of grasses keeping the topsoil from eroding and cleaning the air while the livestock live on it symbiotically, bolstering soil fertility. It makes them all the more proud that this ecosystem offers their family, friends, locals, and chefs some of the most delicious, healthiest grass-fed meat in the country.