What, Me Worry?

When I was a little one my Dad would pick up his guitar and play me the Hank Williams tune “Everything’s Ok”


Last night I thought of this song and it inspired me to write the following:


Organic pricing concerns

Still below chemotherapy

Pure but pompous

My mind starts to atrophy


Hay prices have doubled

What are we to feed

Without a bull

Our Cows won’t breed


Lambs are popping

30 of five hundred so far

Feeding them thru winter

Sure will be hard


Hawks been eating chickens

When they get out

Guard dog watching

Had egg on his snout


Weather turning colder

Winter’s on its way

With the drought grass stopped growing

We didn’t make any hay


Turkeys getting big

Gorging themselves now

Orders rolling in

But we have lots more to sell


Customer just complained

Beef Ribs too short

All I could think to say

He needed a longer fork





With thirty five pages

All needing to be signed

Organic Inspection went well

Just lost my mind


Our main write up

Was no complaint log

Its as if Mr. Short Ribs

Was sent to us from God


Billy goats are following

The Nannies all round

Making crazy noises

Though none in estrus can be found


That’s cause the Nannies

Are now twice the size

From the Billies last go round

Makes you roll your eyes


Both wells went dry

The new one drilled no water came forth

Four hundred feet down

Nothing but dry earth


Hauling water from town

Cost enough to make you cry

Five thousand gallons per week

An ocean by the time I die


When half the markets shut down

I let most of the help go

The ones I kept around

Half the time, don’t show


With bad home mortgage loans

The local bank almost went bust

Leaves you to often wonder

Who all you can trust


Things always go right

Things always go wrong

I have been keeping track

So I could write this song

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